“Dr. Jack Kincaid administered a sedative to his wife, while his daughter and son-in-law said good-bye to him.
He was flat on his back in bed. His skin was so pale that it seemed translucent.
“Is that you, DeDe?”
“It’s me and Beauchamp.”
“We have a surprise for you, Daddy.”
Beauchamp flashed an uneasy glance at his wife. DeDe glared back at him, then turned and knelt at her father’s bedside.
“Daddy … we’re going to make you a grandfather.”
“Did you hear me, Daddy?”
Edgar smiled. “I heard.”
“Aren’t you glad?”
He lifted his hand feebly. “Could you … show me?”
“She’s so small.” DeDe stood up, taking his hand, pressing it gently against her belly. “I don’t think you can feel…”
“No. I can feel her. You think it’s a girl, huh?”
“So do I. Have you picked out a name yet?”
“No. Not yet.”
“Name her Anna, will you?”
“I’ve … always liked the name.”
Smiling again, he kept his hand pressed against the warm new life. “Hello, Anna,” he said. “How the hell are you?”

Excerpt From: Armistead Maupin. “Tales of the City.”

Thanks for the memories, Donald Moffat (Edgar Halcyon)